For the past few months I was sitting and starring at my other blog The lone Panda without any urge of even typing one letter. I felt that I created a blog that was fun, light-hearted, humourous and mainly about topics such as beauty, photo journals, love, sex and complaints. When I would post stories or poems it felt really out of place. Like I was trying to cram too many things on that one poor blog. I felt sorry for it. So I decided to start up this blog to express the things that I could not on the other.

Here you will find my thoughts on various topics, poems and even fictional stories that I have created through the photographs I have taken. I would like this to be the centre of debate, discussion, acceptance and even support. Because as far as I see it, we are all looking for something a bit more; to connect and carve out our own little nook.

❤ ❤ ❤





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